Learn at the Church of the River

There’s always something new to learn, regardless of your age. We teach children to be kind, respectful and fair-minded, and to stand up for what’s right. Rather than telling them (or you) what to believe, we encourage a search for what is true and meaningful. At this church we learn, and grow our souls together, throughout all the stages of our lives.

Faith Formation for Youth

Does your child attend a Faith Formation program? In our religious community and church school, our purpose is to grow the minds, souls, and characters of our children. Get involved and register your kids today. You'll be glad you did.

Adult Education Programs

When is the last time that you sat down with a group of like-minded adults to learn something new? Was it something that you always wondered about? Did you learn things about the people around you? Did you enjoy the experience? Join us in growing our spiritual maturity.


Are you familiar with Unitarianism? Are you a Unitarian? Have you found your spiritual home? We hope that you will come down to the river and give our church a test drive. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.