Famous Unitarians

Throughout history, there have been many Unitarians and Universalists who have done notable acts. Several are listed below. The term, Unitarian, derived when two denominations, Unitarians and Universalists, merged in 1961 into the Unitarian Universalist Association. To add famous Unitarians not included on this list, let us know.


Louisa May Alcott Ralph Waldo Emerson Herman Melville
Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum Fannie Farmer Beatrix Potter
Bela Bartok Robert Fulghum Carl Sandberg
Ray Bradbury Nathaniel Hawthorne Rod Serling
Robert Burns Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Henry David Thoreau
E.E. Cummings Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Kurt Vonnegut
Charles Dickens John Milton Frank Lloyd Wright


Lant Carpenter Thomas H. Eliot Elizabeth Peabody
Ezra Cornell Horace Mann Leland Stanford
Charles W. Eliot Mary Tyler Peabody Mann George D. Stoddard


Abigail Smith Adams Horace Greeley Paul Revere
John Adams Charles Hudson Elliot L. Richardson
John Quincy Adams Thomas Jefferson Robert Gould Shaw
John C. Calhoun James Madison Adlai Stevenson II
Benjamin Franklin Wendell Phillips William Howard Taft


Alexander Graham Bell Peter Cooper Lewis Latimer
Tim Berners-Lee Charles Darwin Samuel F.B. Morse
Elizabeth Blackwell Karl W. Deutsch Isaac Newton
Luther Burbank Edmund Halley Emily Stowe

Social Justice

Susan B. Anthony Dorothea Dix Albert Schweitzer
Clara Barton Julia Ward Howe Caroline Severance
Olympia Brown Josephine Shaw Lowell Lucy Stone
Clarence Darrow Henry Solly Alfred T. White