Adult Learning at the Church of the River

Whether through a casual conversation over a coffee before church, or an adult education class discussing recent TED talks, we actively engage our minds and hearts to grow in spiritual maturity.

Questions of Faith: TED* Talks

The Questions of Faith group views and discusses a TED talk. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and the talks, lasting no more than 20 minutes, are selected from an offering of over 25,000 presentations given by excellent speakers at TED conferences around the world. The chosen TED talk typically results in a provocative response from the group and, in many instances, the topic segues into Reverend Sam’s sermon.

*TED - Technology, Entertainment and Design

Time, Location, and Contact:

Sundays, 10:15 A.M.-10:55 A.M. (specific dates are in the newsletter and on the COR calendar); Chalice Room; Art and Carol Straughn