About the Awesome Little Choir

The Awesome Little Choir is more than a church choir. We are a loving, caring community. We look after one another; sometimes we travel together. We make music from that same commitment to loving relationship. The joy we find in being together is evident in the quality and life we send from the choir loft every Sunday.

How the Awesome Little Choir got its Name

by Cherrigale Townsend

On the Monday evening following the 2004 Candlelight Service of the Church of the River, my niece telephoned me and told me that during casual chatting that morning at her place of work, a thirty-something male coworker enthusiastically told the group that on Sunday, he had visited "that little church on the river" to see what it does as a Christmas Candlelight Service. He said the service was great..."and maaaaaaan, they've got an awesome little choir!." My neice said she proudly exclaimed that her aunt sings in that choir and when you hear them, you can't believe it's so little!

At the next rehearsal, I related my niece's story to the choir. Jokingly, the choir began to sometimes refer to itself as an awesome little choir. Then, very gradually, the name caught on and settled in. "Awesome Little Choir" -- a name always fun to say and a name always lovingly to aspire.